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Gemstones We Use

Apache Gold
From Arizona & Oregon. A rich, black mineral with gold accents, this stone contains real gold within a matrix of copper sulphides and silver.

From Arizona. Found in copper ores, the “blue sky” stone wears its name well. A New Age stone used by healers and priests of antiquity, today it is said to serve as an aid to meditation.

Charoite is found only along the Chara River Valley in a very remote area of East Central Siberia. It is said to be useful for the cleansing and purification of one’s energy body as well as for the transmutation of negative energies within oneself.

From the Phillippines. Formed from the skeletons of tiny sea creatures. Said to promote creativity, passion, romantic love, wisdom, optimism and enthusiasm.

Dinosaur Bone
From Utah. 150 million year old petrified bone from a sauropod (brontosaurus). The colors vary from red to brown, black, white & yellow depending on the minerals surrounding the bone as it became petrified.

White Pearl
Mother of pearl shares in a rich tradition in which shells of various sizes and types were used as currency by islanders and traders alike. Still highly prized, pearl-handled knives and guns are favorites among collectors.

Gold Pearl
White Pearl with one exception, the calcium is removed to accent hues of gold and orange.

From the Southwest. Sometimes called black amber, this stone is prized for its mirror-deep reflections. Its neutral, jet-black color makes it a popular accent stone.

From Afghanistan. Royal stone of the ancient Eqyptians, this rich blue jewel, flecked with pyrite, is associated with power, wisdom, and psychic abilities.

From the Congo. Another cousin of copper, this rich green gem swirls with bands and circles of varied hues and was believed to ward off diseases, lightning, and witchcraft.

Commonly called royal lavulite, this is the newest and rarest gemstone in the world of fine jewelry. A stunning violet-purple, it was discovered in the early 1980s.

From the southwest. The powers and legends ascribed to this deep-blue-to-pale-green jewel are legion. Turquoise has been prized by many cultures including the Egyptians, Persians, Druids, Chinese, and American Indians.

Handle Options

Beautifully hand-crafted handles and aesthetic options are what made Santa Fe Stoneworks famous. Please note, for affordability, all handles are one-sided unless otherwise specified. Most models can be double sided, for a reasonable 30-50% per-unit markup. Remember that our custom handles are painstakingly made by hand with the human touch, never created by machines in large factories.Our art knives and other gifts are available in a variety of handle options, some of which are shown on the right. Within each collection there are also many different pattern types to choose from. Gems, shells and minerals are used in our classic Jewelry Series (JS), dyed and resin impregnated Eastern birch is used in our geometrically themed Kaleidoscope Designs (KD), Vein Turquoise (VT) is a very popular fashion mineral, a few limited edition pieces are crafted from actual Dinosaur Bone (DK), and we offer some items in our exquisitely detailed Patriotic Collection.

Made with care

 This Santa Fe Stoneworks Custom Buttonlock knife has a Titanium body, weighing only 2.6oz. The was Damascus blade is the mixture of two steels, 9Cr13CoMoV and 8Cr14MoV. Attention to detail starts with the button inlaid with Mother-of-Pearl. This Second design from Miles & Anna Wirtel is made by a small Japanese Knifemaker with full attention to detail, fit, form, and finish. Offered in our fossilized materials as well as our Gem Stones, This knife is a joy to hold. The Italian word "Tesoro" mea

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