What You Need to Know about Oregon Sunstone in Newport!

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Mining Operation

Oregon sunstone is mined in two broad areas of the state more than 100 miles apart: the Ponderosa mine in Harney County, in central-eastern Oregon, and the Plush mining area in Lake County, southwest of the Ponderosa.


Metaphysical Properties

Sunstone is a stone of personal power, freedom, and expanded consciousness. Of all the stones on Earth, this one truly reflects the qualities of Solar Light - openness, benevolence, warmth, strength, mental clarity, and the willingness and ability to bestow blessings on others. The "Schiller" phenomenon makes the stone appear to "glow" as if it had it's own internal light source. Sunstones can kindle the fire of leadership within those who wear or carry it.

newport oreogn, oregon sunstone, nyebeach

Sunstone in the Raw

Extensive study of the Ponderosa mine sunstone labradorite has revealed a number of distinctive characteristics, including aventurescence and pleochroism, as well as provided information to help determine the cause of the different colors. This sunstone can be readily identified on the basis of its gemological properties.

Oregon Sunstone

Variety OF Color & Cuts

All Shapes & Sizes


SJ Custom Jewelers in Newport has a vast variety different cuts & colors. You choose your color & mounting and we set it!

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The Desert Sun Mining & Gems Corporation is the world's largest supplier of all natural Oregon sunstones, producing approximately 3 million carats each year from its operations at the Ponderosa Mine, located in the high desert of Eastern Oregon. Our production accounts for roughly 80% of the natural sunstone available on the market today.

The Rare & Radiant Green

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The green sunstone are some of the rarest color found. Subtle in color set in a white metal like white gold brings out the fire of this color.

BI-Colors & Tri-Colors


The Rarest and most valuable of the sunstone family. These beautiful and vibrate colors changing stones show of the magic of the Oregon Sunstone.

The Mighty Reds


The Red Sunstone are in a heated battle with the big three red gemstones, ruby, spinal and garnet. Red Sunstones have a boldness tha pulls you in and keeps you in awe of their vibrant red color. 



Orange is the number one sold color in the spectrum of sunstones. This color hold a powerful punch of shiller and stration.  With copper flakes reflecting light in a dramatic way!