Spencer Reynolds Art

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Who is the Artist

My main inspiration is the ocean and it’s surrounding elements, including small details like local plants, rocks, and driftwood. I also draw deeply from the beauty of the Southern Oregon Coast. I couldn’t ask for a better setting in which to create. As a canvas I use reclaimed woods, often scavenged from local beaches. I find the roughness of this natural material lends itself perfectly to the raw ocean elements I’m working to capture. Using oil paints as my medium allows me the freedom to capture the depth and diversity of color I see in my subject matter. I finish my paintings with a unique technique I like to call Pinstripe Impressionism. With script and/or pinstripe brushes I layer on lines of color adding a refined element to a raw, unrefined canvas. By creating something both raw and refined I attempt to communicate the core of the human condition. Life is a tangle of hard and beautiful moments. It is through the tension of these two realities coexisting that I strive to create something of beauty and depth.

art, newport, semiaquatic, nyebeach

Semi Aquatic

Semi Aquatic is artist Spencer Reynolds’ retail space located in the heart of downtown Brookings, Oregon. The shop features Spencer’s paintings, prints, cards and clothing, as well as, a carefully curated collection of hand-crafted and locally made gifts and home goods.